ToughGear Series Transmission

The ToughGear series represents a selected group of transmissions, designed and built for the most rigorous duty cycles. ZF understands the demands that are placed on a vessel’s propulsion system. We know that maximum uptime is paramount in your business.


ToughGear transmissions are available in multiple configurations, with a large variety of options and accessories.

  • Various gear housing configurations (shallow / semi deep / deep case ) for selected gear types
  • Shaft Rotation engine-wise (EW) and counter engine-wise (CEW) for reversing and non-reversing gears
  • Various vertical offset versions
  • Power Take Home (PTH) options
  • Hybrid-ready variants / Power Take In (PTI)
  • Standardized interfaces for PTO / PTI drives and accessories
  • Multiple reduction gear ratios (standard ratios & special ratios) for reversing gears
  • Optional gear functionalities (e.g. ZF Autotroll®, Dynamic Positioning capability) for various gear types
  • Monitoring set configurations and monitoring device connections complying with classification standards

ToughGear Series

From a comprehensive portfolio of workboat transmissions our customers can select the perfectly matching product for virtually any application. Up to three different sizes of gear cases are available to facilitate installation and to render the transmissions adaptable to different installation conditions.

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