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Winch Gearbox GPT-W

Winch drives for Installation in cable drums

ZF winch gearboxes GPT-W are the ideal drive components for winches. They have proven themselves in the most arduous applications and under tough operating conditions. GPT-W winch gearboxes are used in all kinds of winches – mobile and crawler cranes, railroad cranes, shipboard, dockside and container cranes – wherever exact positioning is required.


  • Installation in winch drums of all types
  • Compact, space-saving planetary gearbox design
  • Robust bearings for absorption of cable forces
  • Simple mounting, easy oil change
  • Integrated static spring pressure multi-disk brake
  • Worldwide service (gearbox inspections, repairs, spare gearboxes, etc.)
  • Typical applications: winches and lifting equipment onshore and offshore

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