ZF Technology for Industrial Drives

Industrial Gearbox GME/GMH

All-round solution for various industrial applications

ZF industrial gearboxes REDULUS GME/GMH are reliable drive components which have proven their reliability under a wide range of conditions. Due to a flexible modular system a wide range of transmission and dimensional variants is available and ideally suited for a large number of different applications like offshore platforms, apron feeders, sugar mills, ropeways, shredders, tunnel boring machines, etc.


  • Extensive standard program for industrial gearboxes
  • Multi-staged planetary gearbox
  • Low-noise operation, high lifetime, easy maintenance
  • Angular- or spur gear stage as optional feature
  • Worldwide service (gearbox inspections, repairs, spare gearboxes, etc.)
  • Typical applications: Tunnel boring machines, sugar mills, cement crushers, roller mills, recycling, hydraulic steelwork, shredders, forge manipulators, etc.

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