ZF in Construction Machinery Innovations of Great Value

Larger, faster, more impressive. Rapid progress and the process of globalization have triggered a global building boom whose sophisticated construction projects demand maximum performance from people and machines. More productivity, more efficiency, and increased driving comfort – these are the requirements construction machinery has to meet today.

ZF Friedrichshafen AG has developed and manufactured driveline systems and axles for construction machinery for half a century now. It has always been the objective of ZF engineers to develop and enhance components in a purposeful manner to meet the increasing requirements of the market. In this process, they rely on the Group's enormous know-how, proven in millions of cases, in the field of driveline and chassis systems. Starting with the 2-speed reversing transmission used for wheel loaders in the past, ZF today equips a wide range of construction vehicles with state-of-the-art axle and driveline technology.

In the field of construction machinery, ZF is one of the technology and innovation leaders worldwide. The developers' focus in this field is on reducing consumption and emissions, increasing productivity, driving comfort and safety as well as increasing the ease of operation and reducing noise. As a systems supplier, ZF concentrates on the drive as a whole and combines axles and transmissions with advanced software functions.

Numerous milestones in the development of construction machinery are attributable to ZF. With the cPOWER, ZF presented the first CVT transmission for construction machinery to the world. By advancing the CVT powersplit technology known from agricultural machinery, the cPOWER provides significant consumption benefits and productivity increases with a level of efficiency previously inconceivable.

ZF is Hybrid-ready

The ZF EFFICIENCY PACKAGE is setting benchmarks with up to 20% fuel savings and up to 40% productivity increase. The ZF hybrid module based on well-proven series products is the logical evolutionary step towards an electric drive. Therefore it follows the trend towards more environmental protection and preservation of resources.