ZF at ConExpo Las VegasIntelligent Mechanical Systems

About the Fair

Conexpo Las Vegas is a construction fair which takes place every three years. More than 2.800 exhibitors had the chance to present their innovations and to connect with business partners and customers. Traditionally, ZF‘s division Industrial Technology presents latest technology at this show. This time the focus was set on „Intelligent Mechanical Systems“.

Facts and Figures

  • Show dates: March 7 to 11, 2017
  • Location: Las Vegas Convention Center
  • Exhibition space: 260.000 m²
  • Visitors: about 128.000 from 150 countries
  • Exhibitors: > 2.800

Intelligent Mechanical Systems

Digital Competence for the Industry

Digitalization – a development that changes the economy. This enormous technological change gives ZF the opportunity to enter new markets. ZF accepts this challenge and combines mechanics, electronics, and digital technologies for industrial applications.

Concept of intelligent mechanical systems
As a technology company, ZF focuses on innovative approaches within all of its product areas. ZF is able to expand high-performance mechanical systems to smart systems by using its digital know-how and its electronics competence.

Product Highlights ConExpo 2017


Reduce the fuel consumption and increase the efficiency – two claims, which are also made in the context of construction machinery. ZF‘s cPOWER transmission shows these benefits for all Off-Highway machinery, i.e. construction, material handling and forestry. The rising demands for fuel reduction and productivity are the future challenges at the market of working machines. The continuously variable cPOWER by ZF fulfills both requirements.


With a completely new basic transmission and a modular concept, TraXon meets the demand of the market for a versatile solution covering a broad range of applications. The innovative transmission offers higher torques without compromising the power-to-weight ratio. Thanks to PreVision GPS the transmission knows in advance when to shift gears. Therefore, the communication between gearbox and GPS system increases the performance and comfort and simultaneously reduces the fuel consumption.

Technical Information

  • Continuously variable drive over the whole range
  • Hydrostatic-mechanical power splitting in all driving ranges, including the frequently used range up to 10 km/h
  • Reduction of diesel motor speed independent of driving speed
  • Up to 25 % less consumption
  • Up to 20 % higher efficiency
  • Installation-compatible with ZF ERGOPOWER

Technical Information

  • Input torque up to 3,400 Nm
  • 12 or 16 forward gears and up to four reverse gears
  • PreVision GPS driving strategy
  • Exceptionally quiet (-35 %)
  • High robustness up to 1.6 million road kilometers

Moving the Big Things

Performance, efficiency and persistence: ZF meets these requirements with its transmissions – even off highway. At ConExpo Las Vegas 2017 the company‘s division Industrial Technology presents innovative ideas and approaches to make construction machinery more efficient, more comfortable and safer. An example for a powerful gearbox in this segment is the Slewing/Swing Drive GFB for Construction Machines, Cranes, Mining and Maritime Applications.

Slewing/Swing Drive GFB

  • Two or three planetary stages with integrated spring-applied multiple-disk brake, output pinion and motor
  • Output torques between 50 and 750 kNm
  • Low-noise operation
  • High efficiency
  • Reliable even under harshest environmental conditions (temperature, dust, mud)
  • Static brake
  • Proven design in field operation
  • Version for inner and outer toothing available

„See – Think – Act“ for Intelligent Mobility

According to the motto „See – Think – Act“ ZF realises autonomous driver assistance systems across all vehicle segments. Therefore, ZF capabilities link environment sensors such as cameras and radar ("See") with central electronic vehicle controllers ("Think"). This is then implemented on the road by intelligent mechatronics in the driveline, chassis and steering ("Act").


Another step towards autonomous driving: ZF ProAI helps vehicles to see, think and act. The implemented NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 Artificial Intelligence platform provides enormous computing power making the vehicle understand its 360° Surround View and thus develop actions.

Electric Drives for Material Handling

The future is driven by electricity – even in the business unit Off-Highway Systems. At ConExpo Las Vegas ZF shows drive solutions for all applications far away from the street. One example of this is the ZF Electric Drives Series. This well-proven ZF driveline system for forklifts was optimised for compact Off-Highway equipment. The 2-engine electric drive system provides the same driving performance as the combustion engine technology.

ZF Electric Drives Series

GP 25 GPA 35 GPE 50
Nominal output (S2 60min) [kW] 6 10 35
Max. output torque [Nm] 1,800 3,000 16,500
Voltage [V] 36 / 48 48 / 48 350 / 400