Material Handling ZF Moves the World

Vehicles employed in the field of material handling are indispensable for the smooth flow of materials within companies and for logistics applications. Lift trucks are one of the most well-known vehicles of this type. ZF develops and produces axles and transmissions for diesel and electric lift trucks and in this sector is one of the world's leaders in technology and innovation.

But that is not enough. Because special tasks in material transport also need special vehicles. In the ports of the world straddle carriers for example move containers weighing many tons into the desired position with millimetre accuracy. Here, the technology originates from ZF. At embarking points RoRo tractors (Roll-on/Roll-off) transport their freight safely through the narrow aisles. Their transmissions come from ZF. And daily thousands of aircraft tractors throughout the world ensure that passenger and cargo aircraft are brought to precisely the correct position on the runway. Here too, ZF supplies the necessary technology.

For these and many other applications in the fields of material transport and storage technology ZF has the right solutions available. Reliability, efficiency, and loading capability along with environmental compatibility, and service friendliness form the focus for ZF engineers.

Electric Lift Trucks

Front and rear drives for electric counterbalance lift trucks and ready-to-install complete systems for any kind of warehouse handling equipment such as elevating work platforms, electric tractors, cleaning vehicles, automatically guided transport systems, or other special applications are developed and produced by ZF with various alternative solutions (spur gear, helical bevel gear or planetary transmission) to suit individual customer requirements. ZF supplies fully tested solutions for quick and direct installation into the vehicle.

Diesel Lift Trucks

Material handling vehicles with combustion engine are real “all-rounders“. In outdoor application, for example, they must be able to quickly transport extremely heavy loads over long distances, but they must also be able to precisely maneuver their load and set it down in the tightest of spaces. These widely varying functions make the highest demands on the driveline, in particular on the transmission. It must be designed for strong engines with a high input torque and gear shifts must take place under full load, without interrupting the tractive effort and without jerking. In addition, the transmission has to be space-saving and easy to install.

Ground Support Equipment

Successful air traffic meets its fundamental requirements on ground. To afford a smoothly procedure for departing and arriving planes, Ground Support Equipment – as its name implies – is there to support the operations of aircraft whilst on the ground. Speed, efficiency, and accuracy are basics in ground handling services and essential for economy and safety. While passengers can sit back, relax and enjoy their flight, GSE is designed to do the heavy work behind the scenes. ZF provides solutions for a broad range of GSE vehicles like aircraft tow tractors, cargo loaders, belt loader, passenger stairs, and towbarless tractors. The easy handling of ZF fully automatic transmissions and high tech axle systems support the driver in all working situations