Efficiency PackageMore than the Sum of its Parts

ZF is offering with the EFFICIENCY PACKAGE (additional information (PDF, 8.0 MB)) the system solution which perfectly matches the various components of the vehicle to one another. Transmissions, axle systems, and vehicle electronics are exactly tailored to the relevant requirements of the construction machine. In this way the various advantages of the individual components are combined. This increases not only the operating and driving comfort, but also substantially improves the vehicle productivity.

The figures speak for themselves.The options of the EFFICIENCY PACKAGE provide increased productivity and enhanced operating and riding comfort for the driver associated with a reduction of the operating and maintenance costs for the vehicle owner. Full utilization of the EFFICIENCY PACKAGE allows fuel savings of up to 15%.


The following modules belong to the EFFICIENCY PACKAGE:

  • Transmissions in the ERGOPOWER series with the number of gears increased from the standard of four gears to five.
  • The ERGOLOCKUP torque converter provides a substantial reduction in consumption.
  • Due to the ERGOTRACTION transmission control shifting the powershift differentials in and out occurs automatically, depending on whether they are currently required or not.
  • The POWERINCH controls the clutch pressure switch-off automatically and independently.
  • ENGINE DE-RATING prevents the maximum required tractive power from being exceeded.
  • The feature Operating Mode Selection provides a selection of shift-point curves to accommodate various operating conditions.
  • Axle systems in the MULTITRAC and MULTISTEER series. They are characterised by stability, high transferred power, and low weight



ZF 5-speed with lock-up: 100 % torque already in 2nd gear, no losses

Since any kind of hydraulic power transfer generates high levels of fuel consumption, it must only be used where explicitly required. Therefore, after the setting off process, a torque converter lock-up clutch ensures that the torque fl ow between the engine and the transmission can be designed in a loss-free and thus, completely direct way (Direct Drive).


Prevention of torque spikes through active engine control via CAN. Torque reduction in fi rst gear (particularly in stall conditions) can be provided, so that the maximum desired drawbar pull is not exceeded. The engine de-rating during shuttle shift reduces the energy dissipation in the clutches and contributes to lower fuel consumption. Engine de-rating leads to reduced fuel consumption, overload protection, better controlled drawbar pull and improved service life of the driveline.


ZF POWERINCH is an advanced driveline management system for the drive train, which significantly improves the handling of the vehicle. It dynamically adjusts the clutch cut-off point depending on transmission output torque.


This additional function provides a selection of shift-point curves to accommodate various operating conditions or multiple engine curves. Its advantages include reduced fuel consumption and noise emissions, as well as optimised travelling performance.