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Company Strategy

The combination of a flexible, autonomous company with the resources and capacities of a global corporation leads to a clearly defined strategy with a focus on the aviation drive system market segment, innovative product developments, internationally certified manufacturing, maintenance, logistical supervision, and advanced test stand technology.

Business fields
Research & Development
The ZF Luftfahrttechnik research & development department works in close cooperation with the ZF Group corporate R&D center with 700 employees specializing in fundamental research in all key fields of transmission technology. This enables ZF Luftfahrttechnik GmbH to consistently operate at the cutting edge of product development and manufacturing. In the field of helicopter transmissions, the company is working to expand its scope of activities to include the complete system of drive components combining engine and transmission units with rotor blades, individual blade control, (IBC) and integrated dynamic system (IDS).
Transmission manufacturing ZF Luftfahrttechnik produces dynamic components for international helicopter manufacturers. The main focus is on transmissions and related parts for helicopters.
Maintenance and technical logistics For maintaining dynamic helicopter components, ZF Luftfahrttechnik GmbH in Kassel/Calden (Germany) operates comprehensive inspection, measurement, processing and testing centers. The infrastructure is designed to comply with the respective manufacturer’s technical specifications for maintenance and assembly operations. Individual components that show wear or material fatigue in the testing process can be repaired on-site.
Test stand technology Test stands for universal gearboxes and main rotors supplied by ZF Luftfahrttechnik are used in-house development and maintenance as well as by aircraft manufacturers and operators worldwide. For helicopter components, ZF Luftfahrttechnik develops and manufactures test stands for main gearboxes, tail and intermediate gearboxes, accessory gearboxes, main rotors, main rotor blades, and blade dampers. The company has been setting standards in this industry segment since 1964.

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