ZF in Agricultural MachineryInnovations of Great Value

The Ideal Solution for Any Challenge

The world’s population is growing, and with it the need for food. This also increases the requirements in the agricultural economy: maximum performance is required on the part of man and machine.

Powerful tractors and efficient drive systems are therefore becoming increasingly important for the agricultural sector. ZF supplies the right technology for these needs. The company designs and develops products which contribute to higher productivity in daily use on farmland, grassland and on the road. In this respect reliability, economic efficiency, environmental compatibility and a long service life have the highest priority.

For more than seven decades already, ZF has been facing the challenges of daily agricultural routines by developing and producing axles and transmissions. ZF supplies tailor-made installation solutions, depending on operation and application type. The customer exactly gets the right solution for any requirement, from synchromesh transmissions, powershift transmissions, continuously variable transmissions and relating electronic controls, as well as rigid and steering axles for tractors, right through to drive systems for self-propelled harvesting machines.

ZF Technology in the Past and Today

The first tractor transmission A12

In 1937, ZF engineers designed a tractor transaxle comprising transmission and rear axle drive in one product range. The universal transmission A12 for engine powers of up to 16 kW (22 HP) is the basic product of a comprehensive generation of tractor transaxles and is of far-reaching importance for the company. Continuous research and development made the products increasingly efficient and sophisticated – just like the vehicles. Today ZF is building powerful continuously variable transmissions for tractors of up to 650 HP.

Continuously variable transmission ZF-TERRAMATIC

ZF’s current product range features durability, economic efficiency and easy handling. Especially under extreme working conditions the drive systems with their manifold variants offer all benefits of a mature technology which has been proven millions of times.
Continuously variable driving and working is a great step towards the technological and economic future of agriculture. Without having to operate the clutch and shift gears, the driver can fully concentrate on the work process, resulting in optimum efficiency: ZF CVT transmissions lower the usual time needed for tractor-based operations by a two-digit percentage figure. Combined with reduced fuel consumption, this creates unbeatable productivity benefits and an unrivaled driving comfort. Transmissions of the latest TERRAMATIC range are characterized by a high power density and allow an even more efficient and resource-preserving vehicle application.