ZF at Agritechnica 2017Intelligent Mechanical Systems

About the fair

Agritechnica in Hannover is the world's leading trade fair for agricultural machinery. Every three years leading companies present their innovations and new products. This year, 2.900 exhibitors connect with business partners and customers. For ZF‘s division Industrial Technology it has long become tradition to present its latest agricultural technologies at Agritechnica. This time, the focus is on „Intelligent Mechanical Systems“.

Facts & Figures

  • Show dates: November 12 to 18, 2017
  • Click here to see our Agritechnica movie (only available in German)

See > Think > Act for Intelligent Mobility

Under the triad „See – Think – Act“ ZF realizes autonomous driver assistance systems across all vehicle segments.

ZF capabilities link environment sensors such as cameras and radar ("See") with central electronic vehicle controllers ("Think"). This is then implemented on the road by intelligent mechatronics in the driveline, chassis and steering ("Act").

The Innovation Tractor is the prime example which illustrates ZF's ability to make agricultural machines see, think and act autonomously.


ZF ProAI helps vehicles to see, think and act. The NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 Artificial Intelligence platform provides enormous computing power, making the vehicle understand its 360° surroundings and thus develop actions.

Megatrend Electrification

System optimization through electrification

  • Boosting productivity and availability – ‘‘Traction Optimization‘‘: Traction management and electric traction directly on implements deliver improved payload and reduction of wheel slip.
  • Increasing precision and documentation – ‘‘Precision Farming‘‘: Additional sensors and electric actuators on implements make it possible to save on operating materials, work at greater speed and improve the accuracy of documented results.
  • Zero emissions: Electric-driven tractors operated by batteries or fuel cells will help to make this vision come true.

Electric Driveline Solutions

In combination with appropriate tration management, systems with electric traction drives on implements offer significant advantages when it comes to applications on loose ground.

System optimization with electrically distributed traction management has the potential to boost both productivity and tractive effort. To encourage the breakthrough in terms of the performance required from electric traction drives on implements, the development of a modular drive system was necessary with the best possible potential for synergies with other applications.

Megatrend Automated Operations

ZF automatic transmission with the pertaining standard control units enable highly-automated driving and assistance functions:

Safety functions: Cameras offer the driver a 360 degree surround view and information on persons within the danger zone by means of automatic pedestrian detection.

Assistance functions: The integrated sensors are capable of identifying swaths ("Swath Guidance") and cutting edges ("Cutting Edge Guidance") and guide the vehicle along this line.

Automated Processes
"Follow-me function": A second vehicle can follow a vehicle in front in a defined distance. It can stop and start again driverless by means of GPS and radar data.

"Copy-and-Paste function": A working process, which is carried out once with the vehicle, is recorded and can be repeated automatically (without driver) in individual time intervals.

Product Highlights Agritechnica 2017

ZF eTRAC: Electrical wheel drives for agricultural applications

ZF eTRAC with three-phase asynchronous motor is one of the highlights at Agritechnica. This technology can be applied for the electrification of compact off-highway machinery or auxiliary equipment and implements.

  • Increased productivity
  • Higher constant driving speed
  • Optimized slip control (traction management)
  • Improved traction, increased driving safety, ground conservation
  • Use of a lighter tractor with same implement or possible application of more powerful implements at unchanged tractor size

ZF-TERRA+ generator module

ZF's generator module TERRA+ offers power-on-demand drive of electrical implements on the vehicle. The TERRA+ generator module increases operational performance and tractive effort, while CO2 emissions are reduced.

Low voltage version

  • Enables efficiency optimization through electric aggregates in tractor and implements
  • Enables working process optimization, precision and speed through electric actuators in implements

High voltage version

  • The high-voltage generator and inverters serve as a tractor power source, delivering up to 80 kW of continuous electric power
  • Start/stop with the operation of electrified auxiliaries
  • Extension to a hybrid system possible

eFAD Electric Front Axle Drive

The continuously variable front-wheel drive ZF eFAD (electric Front Axle Drive) helps to optimise traction and efficiency in the whole driveline. It is available in a low or a high voltage version.

The advantages of this electrical front axle solution compared to a rigid all-wheel link:

  • Smaller turning circle
  • Easy-to-use and permanent all-wheel drive
  • Increased driving safety
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Improved tractive power

eCALM cabin suspension for driver’s cab applications

The ongoing further development of the successful CALM (Cabin Air Leveling Module) module controls cabin suspension electronically and pneumatic. Thanks to its intelligent control unit, energy consumption is reduced significantly.

  • Considerably reduced air and energy consumption supports downsized compressor and accumulator
  • Continuously adjustable damping (optional)
  • Leveling / lowering / raising the cabin for slope compensation, service position and transport
  • Height leveling less susceptible to external influences
  • Cabin position data supplied to third-party systems such as GPS or camera for autonomous driving