Electrification in Agricultural TractorsGPE50 & TERRA+

Electrical Wheel Drive GPE50

  • Electrical single-wheel drive for Off-Highway applications
  • 400 V AC engine
  • 15 kNm maximum output torque
  • 50 kN maximum wheel load
  • Integrated brake

With the electrically driven wheel hub units ZF engineers have developed an innovative driveline solution for Off-Highway applications, which is suitable for professional applications with highest requirements.
Due to the splitting of the drive power between vehicle and trailer or attachment there are substantial advantages in difficult driving situations, such as the movement across a slope. The highly dynamically controlled traction support from the electrical drive facilitates working under arduous conditions. Thus, working off-road during adverse weather conditions with softened ground is possible.

The Integrated Generator Solution: TERRA+

ZF supplies complete electrification systems for agricultural machinery manufacturers from one source. These are based on the new generator module TERRA+ in combination with the power electronics. The system comprises an efficient electrical machine which is integrated into the transmission housing. It can be used as a power source for electrical loads. About 5% consumption savings can be achieved on the tractor through power-on-demand operation of electrical auxiliaries, along with boosted productivity and tractive effort, as well as reduced CO₂ emissions. Depending on the machine size, TERRA+ can provide up to 70 kW electric power.

Electrification with TERRA+

Furthermore, ZF offers an extension by a control unit for intelligent energy and hybrid management. The interaction of generator, internal combustion engine and electric drives on vehicle and implement is matched to avoid vehicle conditions with poor efficiency, thus achieving best operational performance. The ideal coordination of transmission and energy management as offered by ZF is a key competence on the market of electrified drivelines. It has direct influence on the actual savings potential and economic efficiency. In this respect ZF relies on its long-term experience in tractor vehicle management and its broad expertise in commercial vehicle and passenger car hybrid projects.