Harvesting Economic EfficiencyZF Driveline Solutions for Combine Harvesters

Rugged, Economic and Reliable

ZF’s knowhow in agricultural engineering does not end with tractors. Also self-propelled harvesting machines such as combine harvesters benefit thereof. ZF driveline technology can be found wherever especially rugged and economic technology is required. ZF supplies combine harvester drives for vehicles from 7.5 to 24 tons GVW which excel by highest reliability. Thanks to the ZF modular system, combine harvester drives can also be used in self-propelled off-highway machines of the construction and municipal economy.

Continuously variable driveline concept for combine harvesters

With the introduction of hydrostatic single-wheel drives ZF opens a new chapter in continuously variable drives for combine harvesters and self-propelled harvesting machines. The new drive is based on continuously variable and particularly low-loss operating radial-piston motors. Moreover, the absence of the conventional transmission opens new possibilities for optimizing the crop flow in the vehicle and for boosting the harvesting output. The compact driveline design only requires little installation space and features high ruggedness and low maintenance requirements. For particularly difficult traction conditions the single-wheel drive can be extended to become an all-wheel drive by using an axle drive module on the steering axle.

Hydrostatic drive

For the hydrostatic drive of harvesting machines ZF offers a combination of 3MD-series transmissions and S-series wheel drives which are designed for GVWs up to 24 tons. These drives stand out by their particularly high ruggedness and low maintenance requirements. Due to the compact design the powertrain only needs little installation space. The three-gear transmissions of the 3MD-series can be obtained with two different wheel drives (S-800 or S-1050). These are matched to the respective vehicle weight. The single-stage S-800 wheel drive is employed in the lighter vehicle category. The two-stage S-1050 wheel drive is preferred for vehicles with a higher GVW. The whole 3MD-series additionally has two disk brakes which are mounted directly to the transmission. This results in a reliable braking effect with higher operational safety, independent of the respective field of application.