Continuously Variable Technology by ZFUnbeatable Efficiency

Stepless into the Future

Even if agricultural machines appear large and cumbersome, they must apply their force and power precisely and in a well-dosed manner. ZF driveline technology ensures the necessary sensitiveness for these requirements. Movement sequences flow easier using continuously variable transmissions from ZF, thus enabling an even more precise control of agricultural machines. Due to the fact that manual shifting is no longer necessary, the drop in power associated with gear changing does not occur. This ensures more constant engine speeds. Also drivers benefit from the continuously variable technology: Since no shifting operations are required the drivers can completely concentrate on their work. But also in economic terms continuously variable transmissions are unbeatable for large-scale agricultural work.

Almost all renowned tractor manufacturers use continuously variable transmissions from ZF. In particular, their reliability, efficiency and ease of operation are highly regarded on the market. During difficult maneuvering, continuously variable transmissions relieve driver stress. The continuously variable transmission ratio enables moving-off and stopping on a slope without using the clutch or brakes. Operational errors are almost eliminated. Four driving ranges are automatically shifted with unrivaled high efficiency. The ratios are selected to steplessly cover the speed range from 0 to 60 km/h.

ZF’s continuously variable transmissions are available in the ECCOM and TERRAMATIC series. They stand out by optimum utilization of engine power at maximum productivity and minimum consumption. In addition, their modular and compact design allows easy integration into many different vehicle concepts.

ZF ECCOM 6.0 for large tractors up to 650 HP

The TERRAMATIC series covers a power range from 70 to 450 HP. For large tractors up to 650 HP ZF additionally offers the matching technology with the ECCOM 5.0 and 6.0 transmissions. The electrical transmission diagnosis and self-monitoring, various driving strategies (e.g. automatic or PTO mode) as well as active standstill without brake actuation are implemented by the electronic control unit, thus providing outstanding driving comfort.