Faster, Best-Priced, Highly ReliableZF Best Choice

Best Choice – the Modular Product Strategy

With the „Best Choice“ strategy ZF pursues the goal of optimally matching products to the customer’s needs. The customer individually composes the desired product from a large range of compatible ZF modules, according to requirements and target market. This modular product strategy considers the different requirements in the world markets. A local market orientation is becoming increasingly important on the sector of agricultural machinery systems. Different farm sizes in the respective regions as well as economic and political frame conditions call for adapted solutions.

Composed in a modular way and graded to the smallest degree, ZF's ready-to-fit Best Choice components ensure technically ideal dimensioning in any power class and vehicle type. Best Choice means: as much high-tech as needed, as much operational efficiency as possible.

Best Choice – the Faster Solution

The modular product solution: Best Choice

Fast vehicle engineering cycles are of crucial importance to ensure global marketability. They provide enormous cost benefits and a stronger competitive edge. Time-consuming development cycles can be significantly shortened with ready-to-fit Best Choice components from ZF.

Best Choice – the Best-priced Solution

The Best Choice concept combines the advantages of in-house production with those of outsourcing. In contrast to in-house manufacturing, ZF Best Choice components offer a low-cost yet highly flexible product range. The close cooperation with customers during the product adaptation phase ensures that all components are even more precisely matched to the vehicle’s requirements.

Best Choice – the Highly Reliable Solution

Especially for small and mid-sized vehicle manufacturers, in-house production of transmissions and axles can become an incalculable risk which may impede or prevent market success. Best Choice components are backed by many years of consistent engineering work and have been thoroughly tested under real-world conditions, thus offering a high level of functional safety.