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The corporate magazine's latest issue focuses on sustainability.

Sustainability plays an important role at ZF. We are convinced that mobility should not cause damage to mankind and the environment – whether by accidents or pollution caused by traffic. ZF develops technologies that help bring us closer to the company goal of "zero emissions". But sustainability also has economical and social aspects.

This multifaceted subject is covered in more detail in the current issue of the ZF magazine "vision".

Here is an overview of the contents of the latest "vision" magazine:

  • On the Road to a Zero-Emissions Future
    Massively reducing CO2 emissions is a huge challenge. ZF technology plays a key role in achieving the company’s self-imposed goal of "zero emissions".
  • The Group Electrified
    Sustainable energy means generating and conserving clean energy. ZF pursues both approaches.
  • Getting Ready for the Big Changes Ahead
    When we hear the word "sustainability", vocational training is hardly the first thing that comes to mind. However, to consistently offer customers top quality products, highly qualified employees worldwide are indispensable.
  • Advantage Through Sustainability
    Professor Marion Weissenberger discusses the dangerous misconception that sustainability is above all a source of additional costs.
  • Liquid Gold
    Since water is becoming increasingly scarce worldwide, the ZF Group feels obliged to handle this precious substance with great care.
  • Combating Poverty With Knowledge
    To mark the 100th anniversary of ZF, employees donated millions of euros to help finance 100 schools. Editors of the "vision" magazine visited a school in Africa, whose children can now expect a brighter future.
  • Driving Into a New Era
    ZF sensor and control technology installed in a new test vehicle means vehicles can see and think for themselves already – depending on the situation.
  • A Complex Road for the Chassis
    Networked intelligence between different chassis technologies is critical for autonomous driving in the future. ZF is able to master this.
  • Good Weather Cloud
    ZF has introduced a cloud-based platform for mobility services that intelligently networks components and systems.

You can download 'vision' in PDF format here. (PDF, 9.6 MB)

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