ZF Future Study Ready for Package Robots?

Changing consumerism and a growing package services market: The logistics industry is facing significant challenges, in particular on the final miles to customers. The ZF Future Study 2016 "The Last Mile" shows in which direction the industry is moving.

The customer is king. On the Internet, too. Where consumers are no longer restricted by opening hours and can place orders day and night, the demands on the speed of deliveries are changing. Purchasers want to have their items immediately. We are no longer talking about delivery in two to three working days or express delivery over night, but on the very same day or within a few hours. The growing preference for Internet shopping is reflected very clearly in numbers; three billion packages were sent in Germany in 2015 – that's one billion more than in 2005. This trend will continue to rise in the coming years due to the rising popularity of ordering online.

ZF Future Study 2016 "The Last Mile"

The challenges of a growing package services market will become particularly visible on inner-city roads. Individual delivery requirements, low-emission and low-noise zones, the availability of qualified employees, the regulation of delivery vehicles and the requirements of a secure supply chain are factors that determine the playing field for transport companies. In this process, the pressure to keep costs low and increase innovation remains high.
How is the industry reacting to these changes and which trends on the last few delivery miles will become standards in the future? ZF and the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) explore these questions in the ZF Future Study 2016 "The Last Mile."

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