Electromobility How the Electric Bus Gets Going

The future is electric – also for city buses. But how is electricity best transmitted and stored for the drive? Seven solutions from electromobile cities.

Electric buses that are already running in many cities contribute to better air and less traffic noise in city centers – thanks to electric axles from ZF. ZF's combined systems expertise in electric motors, chassis, transmissions, electronics and low-floor technology paves the way for locally emission-free city buses with a larger passenger space and more comfort for urban public transport. For this purpose, engineers developed the AVE 130 portal axle system with two asynchronous motors that allow for relatively high speeds of up to 11,000 rpm at a maximum output of 2×125 kW. This ZF axle by the way also reliably drives the "2017 Bus of the Year," the Urbino 12 electric of Polish bus manufacturer Solaris.

The future of e-mobility for buses depends on the charging and storage concepts that will prevail in the cities. We present seven current versions:

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