Cars that react on their own Safety through Assistance

Capturing and analyzing the situation, calculating the appropriate response and carrying it out – how ZF technologies help vehicles see, think and act.

“See, Think, Act” defines a process essential to the safety of vehicle occupants and other road users and headlines ZF’s development of the sensors, electronics and actuators that will make automated driving a reality. How far this process has progressed, what functions already exist to keep us safe while we enjoy driving our vehicles, and what future journeys await us, are all explored in this special feature.

See: Detect traffic conditions using Sensors and Cameras

The system continuously monitors the vehicle’s surroundings using a variety of sensors such as cameras, radar, lidar and ultrasound. ZF's portfolio:

Video: Automated Driving at ZF

Think: Analyze and evaluate using control units

The vehicle’s driving status is continuously evaluated by the system. In the event of a potential hazard, the system computes various possible maneuvers and then selects the best one. Currently, the system’s intelligence is distributed across the individual sensors. In the future, a single centralized control unit (SDE) will bundle together the available computing power. ZF's portfolio:

Act: Respond appropriately using Actuators

The main actuators in a vehicle are the braking and steering systems. Now ZF has developed Integrated Brake Control, a braking system that enhances driving safety and can also be used for automated driving functions. ZF's portfolio:

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