E-Power ZF Electric Drives In Surprising fields

When it comes to e-mobility, you may think about passenger cars and buses but not about commercial vehicles and ships. However, ZF solutions from the e-mobility range are also used in tractors, trailers and forklift trucks as well as motorboats.

Out on the field with e-axles

Does a tractor need to pull the entire load of its fully-loaded trailer? Not necessarily. Electrically driven chassis systems for trailers relieve the tractor unit and provide decisive advantages in difficult driving situations. Anybody who has had to maneuver a vehicle with a slanted load on an incline will appreciate an electrically driven axle or electrically driven support wheels on the attachment. Consequently, it is even possible to carry out agricultural work in difficult weather conditions and on soft ground, even when working with smaller tractors. The saved weight reduces the load on the soil or additional payload can be transported.

Learn about the advantages of electrification in the agricultural machinery sector in the film

The ZF-TERRA+ generator module enables more efficiency and less consumption.

ZF also offers complete electrification systems for agricultural machinery. The integrated ZF-TERRA+ generator solution consists of a generator module, the power electronics, and a central hybrid control unit. This device coordinates the electric motor with the combustion engine in such a manner that the work and traction performances are optimized and the CO₂ emissions are reduced.

Logistical solutions

Under the ERGOMAT name, ZF produces transmission systems for electrically powered forklift trucks with up to six tons of lifting capacity. The system consists of traction motor, brake, impeller, frame plate, steering motor, and steering sensors. Front-wheel and rear-wheel drives for electric counterbalance trucks as well as complete systems for all types of warehousing technology such as lifting platforms, electric tractors, cleaning vehicles, automatic guided vehicles, and other special applications are developed and produced by ZF and feature various alternative solutions (e.g., cylindrical gear, bevel helical gear, or planetary gearset) in accordance with customer requirements. ZF supplies the desired solutions for fast and direct installation in the vehicle.

Thanks to their service-friendliness and high efficiency, ZF drives for material handling systems enable productive and rapid work.

Also on the water

SILVER WIND is equipped with a ZF hybrid drive, the transmission type ZF 9350 PTI.

ZF e-mobility solutions are not only used on land, they are also used on the water. Hybrid-capable transmissions from ZF Marine not only reduce noise in ship drives, they also reduce fuel consumption. The design is based on the so-called PTI configuration (Power Take-In) which is extremely flexible for various installations. These transmissions can be used in the hybrid drive systems of quick ships as well as in government ships.

Pictures: ZF, ISA GROUP S.r.l

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