ZF Anniversary This is How the Company Celebrated its 100th Birthday

A few days before the IAA, the major players from the international automotive industry met up in Friedrichshafen to raise a glass on the occasion of the ZF centennial.

The exhibition hall in Friedrichshafen was packed with well-wishers: 1,500 guests celebrated the technology company's centennial at a gala evening on September 9, 2015. While paying tribute to its moving history, ZF demonstrated to its guests during the anniversary ceremony that it is a dynamic, cosmopolitan technology company offering intelligent system solutions and pursuing a clear, forward-looking strategy. “Even one hundred years after its founding, ZF is still driven by its desire to invent new technologies and perfect existing ones,” said Chief Executive Officer Dr. Stefan Sommer in his speech.

Customers, business partners, and guests from business and politics from 45 countries came to Friedrichshafen to celebrate with ZF. Roger Lopez, the breakdance group Flying Steps, and other artists brought the company's strengths on stage, including allusions to current events. Their performances were backed up by impressive images presented on a 50-meter wide screen. The gala evening, which was hosted by newscaster Judith Rakers, also saw Charles Simmons and a backing band consisting of prominent figures take the stage to perform ZF's anniversary song "Today is the Day".

Video: An impressive and moving night

Impressions of the gala night in Friedrichshafen

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