Proven Strengths, new paths How ZF Services is Shaping the Future

Whoever looks into the future is well advised to remain true to the words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: "Your task is not to foresee the future, but to enable it." If you only wait for signals to react and to jump on the bandwagon in good time, the chances of misstepping are high.

Putting theory into practice

The requirements for the aftermarket change constantly with new mobility concepts, advancing digitalization, and ever-increasing connectivity. Therefore, the target of ZF Services is to actively shape the future. Internationalization and digitalization are two of the topics that the aftersales specialist will particularly focus on in the years ahead.

From a single source

Helmut Ernst, Chairman of the Board of Directors, ZF Services

Helmut Ernst, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ZF Services, aims to rely on proven strengths and simultaneously tread new paths.

"For example, we implement the one-face-to-the-customer approach extremely well. No other company pools its activities on the aftermarket as strongly as ZF with ZF Services," he explains. "If a company in our industry wants to provide impetus for the future, it must understand the market and its influencing factors. ZF Services has always driven trends and developments and has anchored them in its product and services program or in its business processes."

Thus, ZF Services has, for instance, reacted to the trend towards the electrification of vehicles very early on and included work on high-voltage vehicles in its training program.

Trends on the aftermarket

ZF Services forges ahead. "We want to be perceived as the leading solution provider that offers customers not only innovative products, but also tailor-made and digital services from a single source. The fact is that the automotive world is becoming more and more complex.

Vehicles have progressed from implement carriers to connected systems capable of communicating with other vehicles and the infrastructure. The workshop forms part of this connectivity. The vehicle is communicating and we will ensure that it is understood in the independent workshops," says the aftermarket specialist with many years of experience.

The future has already started

The world is changing and mobility requirements follow suit. For ZF Services, this does not mean to abandon old values altogether. "Quite the contrary. Our valuable experiences help us face the challenges of the future if we have an open mind for new ideas and approaches," stresses Mr. Ernst.

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