Hidden Gems Not just hot in the kitchen

You would hardly expect to find ZF parts in a vending machine – and yet lurking inside the Mars Drinks KLIX series are various switches designed by ZF Electronic Systems.

KLIX OUTLOOK vending machine produced by Mars Drinks.

Vending machines, just like any cook in a home kitchen, must perform many steps before they can finally deliver a full cup of steaming hot coffee to waiting customers. The right ingredients must be available, in the right amounts; then they must be properly prepared and heated up. Finally, they must be mixed in the right proportions, and the beverage must be served up correctly. For a vending machine to do all this quickly and reliably, it needs a whole series of smart switches.

ZF Electronic Systems in Auerbach supplies nine of these little electronic wizards. With their help, vending machines sold by British manufacturer Mars Drinks brew and serve morethan a billion hot beverages each year. The ZF devices monitor fill levels and cup positions, and check that the doors are locked.

ZF switches win awards

This year – for the sixth year in a row, as a matter of fact – local distributor ZF Electronics UK has won the Mars Gold Award for product quality, reliability and efficient delivery; the manufacturer only bestows the award on its top suppliers. Michael Groom, Managing Director of ZF Electronics UK, expressed his appreciation to his employees: “I’m proud of the tireless efforts and commitment shown by our workforce. That’s what enables us to maintain such high standards.”

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