Basis of corporate success

As part of the changing market environment, ZF is compelled to respond to megatrends such as globalization, strong growth in the Asia-Pacific region and North America, technological and demographic change, and worldwide population growth. At the same time, highly qualified personnel are the key to the company's sustainable success. In this respect, attracting and systematically further developing talented and highly-skilled personnel is one of ZF's major challenges and a key target of our ZF 2025 corporate strategy.

Work-life balance

In order to remain an esteemed and coveted employer, we attach importance to the individual development opportunities and the reconciliation of work and family. To this end, we offer measures, such as flexible working time models or the possibility of mobile working.


We believe that diversity and appreciation of this diversity have a positive effect on ZF and the society in Germany. That is why in 2014, we became a member of the Diversity Charta and now belong to a group of approximately 1 950 signatories dedicated to an embracing, prejudice-free corporate culture. With this voluntary commitment, we pledge to actively promote diversity in our organization.

Clear rules for everyone

ZF's "Corporate Social Responsibility Policy" describes the company's fundamental understanding of rights and principles that apply to all employees. They are based on our Corporate Principles and are implemented in the different countries and at different locations in compliance with the respective laws and existing practices. Our principles refer, among other things, to the ILO Core Labor Standards, the UN Global Compact, and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.


Traditionally, co-determination plays an important role at ZF. The Group Works Council and the Board of Management engage in a regular dialog based on trust.

The applicable legislation around the globe as well as the CSR guidelines that apply for ZF worldwide form the basis for our cooperation with our employees' interest groups. The CSR guidelines specify that the establishment of employee or trade union interest groups is not to be questioned at ZF even if the national standard in the country does not fully conform with the ILO standards.

Training and further training

Qualified personnel are the foundation of the company's sustainable success. In this respect, attracting and systematically further developing talented and highly-skilled personnel is among the major challenges faced by ZF in a constantly changing market, and a key target of the ZF 2025 corporate strategy.

For a sound footing on the career ladder

ZF is one of the key training companies in Germany in the regions where its locations are based. Each year the company hires more than 500 trainees. Young people embarking on a career tend to be attracted to engineering careers, such as industrial technicians, mechatronics engineers, or electronic engineers. More than 98 percent of apprentices receive employment contracts after they have completed their apprenticeship. At its Gray Court location, South Carolina, United States, ZF has teamed up with the local Piedmont Technical College to implement a system similar to the German model of combined degree programs. The training program will then be extended to ZF locations in Brazil and throughout Asia.

For tomorrow's executive managers

Leadership excellence is one of the strategic targets of the ZF Group. Therefore, we completely revised all of our management development programs and introduced the first programs in 2014. To promote a uniform approach in human resources management, we introduced new, globally binding leadership principles and implemented them during large group meetings with executive managers. Additionally, we are systematically expanding leadership competencies to meet future strategic challenges by integrating executive manager development into the ZF Strategy 2025.

Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning is indispensable in an industry with ever shorter innovation cycles. As part of the ZF Academy Model, we will promote the specialist qualification of executive managers and employees in all Corporate Functions. The objective here is to achieve systematic global advanced training of employees with technical training programs derived from the ZF 2025 strategy. Various ZF-internal academies offer employees in Corporate Materials Management, Corporate Quality, Corporate Finance, IT, and other associated functions an extensive range of advanced training opportunities. After again significantly boosting this program internationally in 2014, we will in the future complete it by setting up further academies.

Health and safety at work

ZF aims to offer its employees healthy and safe jobs. The Group Policy on Health and Safety at Work approved in 2013 focuses on prevention and obliges the adoption of "management that promotes health."

Management of occupational safety and health

We have set Group-wide targets for occupational health and safety management and regularly monitor our progress. Beyond complying with the nationally applicable law on occupational health and safety, we are working on appropriate and topic-related Group-wide minimum standards for our employees' health and safety. We involve our employees and their representatives in the further development of safe and healthy workplaces.We regularly qualify and motivate them so that every employee is aware of their responsibility for themselves and others. We also expect our suppliers and service providers to comply with the respectively applicable occupational health and safety regulations.