Corporate Values

Get an idea of ZF's culture.

The four Guiding Principles of the “ZF Charter” define what is important to us as ZF and how we do business. The principles provide direction and give guidance to ZF employees regarding expected behavior and mindset.

1. Innovation Approach

We develop pioneering products and technologies that help us achieve our strategic goals - and are financially rewarding. Our employees and business alike strive to develop innovative and creative solutions. We think like entrepreneurs. This also means we take risks where appropriate and learn from both successes and failures.

2. Customer Focus

We win over our customers with our quality and our passion, offering them clear added value. This applies to internal and external customers alike. At the same time, we always aim to be profitable - and act accordingly, in every part of our organization.

3. Commitment to People

We support and encourage our employees in the fulfillment of their duties and responsibilities. In return, we expect commitment and performance. We provide constructive feedback and foster a culture of trust.

4. Result Orientation

We set ourselves challenging goals and measure what we achieve. We deliver as promised, and value agility. By finding the right balance between quality and speed, we ensure that we succeed in what we set out to do.

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