ZF Accelerates the Pace ofBusiness in Indonesia

ZF accelerates the pace of business in Indonesia

ZF Aftermarket views Indonesia as a focus market within Asia Pacific and is investing in Indonesia to satisfy the increasing customer needs. Present in Indonesia since 2001, ZF has been an enabler to the local fast-expanding commercial vehicle (Bus Rapid Transit), mining and construction sectors, together with reputable Original Equipment Manufacturers and is well poised to enter new market segments such as marine and oil and gas.

Effective March 2017, the legal entity PT ZFAG Aftermarket Jakarta was set up to provide even better service, a broader product range and faster stock availability for its customers and business partners.

Cakra Wiyata, Director, PT ZFAG Aftermarket Jakarta explains, “We are focused on our customers and aim to deliver consistent product quality and service levels, and we are committed to continuous improvement so that we can serve our customers better. In addition, we are dedicated to strengthening the service and distribution network in Indonesia and are well prepared to meet local market requirements and provide our customers with a broad and comprehensive product portfolio. I believe this will make us unique in the Aftermarket.”

Sharing his perspective on the aftermarket segment and future plans, Cakra Wiyata said, ”ZF’s products have proven to be successful globally and gives us the chance to introduce these market-leading products to a wider audience in Indonesia.“

Along with Indonesia’s burgeoning marine industry, ZF is also dedicated to grow our market presence specifically in the Commercial and Fast Craft segment.

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