QR83 and QR83 BDirectives for assuring the quality of deliveries

Quality is essential to success. In the competitive environment, quality is no longer a differentiating factor, it is a basic requirement. ZF customers expect reliable, zero-defect products and services.

Quality assurance

The quality of ZF products is significantly influenced by the quality performance of the company’s suppliers. Along with a quality management system based on ISO/TS16949, ZF requires suppliers to adopt effective measures to ensure the quality of all products and processes.

Key elements for a successful partnership with our suppliers are our Quality Directives:

The requirements outlined in the 2011 edition of QR83 and QR83-B represent the ZF mandatory standards.

The current standards of the automobile industry such as VDA and AIAG must be applied.

The decisive changes compared to the previous editions are the following:

  • Expansion of the scope of application to electronic components and software
  • Further development of ZF requirements regarding quality planning
  • Processing of complaints: complemented by the VDA requirement "Field Failures Analysis"
  • Reference of the elements to ISO/TS 16949 in every chapter - for better referencing
  • Requalification (planning and proof) - for clarification of claims
  • Verification management of critical characteristics / traceability - adaptation to legal amendments
  • Maturity level assurance for new parts for common risk minimization in the product evolution process
  • Revised and new communication forms

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