QD83 - Global Supplier Quality Directive

Quality is essential to success. In the competitive environment, quality is no longer a differentiating factor, it is a basic requirement. ZF customers expect reliable, zero-defect products and services.

Quality Performance

The quality of ZF products is significantly influenced by the quality performance of the company’s suppliers. Along with a quality management system based on IATF/16949, ZF requires suppliers to adopt effective measures to ensure the quality of all products and processes.

A key elements for a successful partnership with our suppliers are our Global Supplier Quality Directive for suppliers of Production Materials: QD83

The requirements outlined in the 2018 edition of QD83 represent the ZF mandatory standards. The current standards of the automobile industry such as VDA and AIAG must be applied. QD83 replaces both previous Quality Directives QR83-Edition 2011 and GSQM.

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2. QD83 Work and Communication Forms and related Documents

1.4 Quality Management System
ZF communication Platforms: see 1.13

1.6 Government Regulatory Compliance, Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability
ZF Directive "Business Partner Principles"

1.8 Environment
ZFN 9003 - Control of Prohibited and Regulated Substances (PDF, 73.0 KB)

1.9 Special Characteristics
ZF Directive "Regulation of Special Characteristics" (PDF, 1.4 MB)

1.11 Changes to Product or Process
QD83 Form - Supplier Change Request (XLSX, 129.3 KB)

1.13 Business Process based on Electronic Data Exchange
SupplyOn - Login to SupplyOn
VIN - Vendor Information - VIN - Vendor Information

1.20 Retention Periods
ZF summary of the recommended minimum retention periods for the Automotive Industries (PDF, 351.8 KB)

2. APQP - Advanced Product Quality Planing
QD83 Form - Project Status of Purchased Parts (XLSX, 162.3 KB)

2.4 Feasibility Study
QD83 Form - Feasibility Study Sign Off (XLSX, 128.6 KB)

2.6 Project Plan
see: 2. APQP - Advanced Product Quality Planing

2.8 Development Interface Agreement (only for Suppliers with Design Responsibility)
QD83 Form - LSV-E Development Interface Agreement - Electronic (XLSX, 155.0 KB)
QD83 Form - LSV-M_Activity and Responsibility Agreement - Mechanic (XLSX, 119.7 KB)
QD83 Form - LSV-SW_Activity and Responsibility Agreement - Software (XLSX, 224.1 KB)

2.11 Special Characteristics
see: 1.9. Special Characteristics

2.12 Safe Launch-Plan
QD83 Form-PCM-Product Characteristic Matrix (XLSM, 167.0 KB)
Safe Launch Process Description: see 4.4

2.15 Product and Process FMEA
QD83 Form-FMEA-Checklist (XLSX, 136.5 KB)

2.16 Test Planning / Development Release
QD83 Form-Development Approval by Supplier (XLSX, 59.8 KB)

2.18 Release of Product and Process Development
QD83 Form-Development Approval by Supplier (XLSX, 59.8 KB)

2.26 Status of Sub-suppliers and Purchased Parts
QD83 Form - Sub-Supplier Status (XLSX, 130.1 KB)

2.27 Logistics
ZFN 9004-1 General Packaging Regulation Logistics, Environmental Protection (PDF, 115.1 KB)
ZF Global Logistics Directive

2.31 Manufacturing Prototypes
QD83 Form - Documentation of Prototype Characteristics (XLSX, 145.0 KB)
QD83 Form - Identification of Prototypes (XLSX, 69.6 KB)

2.35 Maturity Level Assurance for New Parts
QD83 Form - Project Overview - Product Maturity (XLSX, 482.5 KB)

3.1 Initial Samples
QD83 Form - Identification of Initial Samples (XLSX, 68.4 KB)

3.3 Submission Levels
QD83 Form - Submission Levels (XLSX, 96.8 KB)

3.7 Deviation in initial sample
QD83 Form - Deviation Request (XLSX, 114.0 KB)

3.8 Material Data Reporting
ZF-Norm ZFN 9010 (Edition: 2016-05) - Acceptance criteria for the creation of material data sheets in the International Material Data System (IMDS) (PDF, 608.9 KB)
Supplement 1 to ZF-Norm ZFN 9010 (Edition: 2016-05) - Information/Semi-finished part criteria for MDS (Material Data Sheets) of the ZF locations (PDF, 588.0 KB)

4.2 Complaint Management
Determination of Supplier Quality Performance - Q-KPIs (PDF, 545.0 KB)
QD83 Form-8D-Report (DOCX, 72.2 KB)
QD83 Form - Identification of certified parts after complaint (XLSX, 68.7 KB)

4.4 Safe Launch
PCM-Product Charactertic Matrix: see 2.12

4.5 Deviation Approval
QD83 Form - Deviation Request (XLSX, 114.0 KB)
QD83 Form - Identification of deviated parts (XLSX, 69.7 KB)