Electronic catalog management

The ZF Group operates an electronic catalog ordering system containing electronic catalogs of different commodity groups for operating material.


The decision about the integration of a supplier catalog in the ordering process is done by the purchasing managers.

Assumption for the participation in the electronic catalog ordering system by ZF are contracted assortment, prices and terms of delivery for items ordered electronically. Participating suppliers deliver electronic catalog data based of BMEcat format. This format has been developed by the eBusiness Standardization Committee (eBSC) together with the German Association for Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics (BME), and has become established in Germany as the standard format for exchanging catalog data. Requirements specific to ZF are added to the specifications of BMEcat (see download ZF BMEcat specification).

Other connections, e.g. Internet shops, need a special acceptance test by ZF and are only integrated in exceptional cases.

The catalog datas must be classified in accordance with eCl@ss 5.1.3. Before being forwarded to ZF all catalogs are checked electronically and by the purchasing department (assortment, prices).

EDIFACT is the ZF standard for electronic interchange of commercial documents and business messages. EDIFACT ORDER D.97 is used for orders and EDIFACT INVOIC D.97 is used for credit memos. Another possibility of the electronic data exchange is the use of WebEDI, which requires a registration at SupplyOn.

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