Lists of Lubricants of ZFThe Appropriate Oil for Your Application

Application List of Lubricants Date of change
Manual transmissions for trucks with 'TE-ML 01' entry on the type plate TE-ML 01 17.10.2017
Manual and automated transmissions for trucks, buses, light commercial vehicles and special vehicles with 'TE-ML 02' entry on the type plate TE-ML 02 17.10.2017
Transmissions for off-road equipment (off-road vehicles, special vehicles, lift truck) TE-ML 03 17.10.2017
Marine transmissions TE-ML 04 17.10.2017
Axles for off-road vehicles TE-ML 05 17.10.2017
Tractor transmissions and hydraulic lifts TE-ML 06 17.10.2017
Hydrostatic-mechanical and electric drive systems TE-ML 07 17.10.2017
Steering systems (non-power-assisted) for cars, commercial vehicles and off-road vehicles TE-ML 08 17.10.2017
Steering systems and oil pumps for cars, commercial vehicles and off-road hicles TE-ML 09 17.10.2017
Manual transmissions, double-clutch transmissions and automatic transmissions for cars TE-ML 11 17.10.2017
Axles and wheel heads for buses and trucks TE-ML 12 17.10.2017
ZF assemblies in special purpose vehicles TE-ML 13 17.10.2017
Powershift transmissions, type Ecomat, for buses, trucks, and special vehicles TE-ML 14 17.10.2017
Brake systems for special vehicles TE-ML 15 17.10.2017
Transmissions for rail vehicles TE-ML 16 17.10.2017
Transmissions and axles for lift-trucks TE-ML 17 17.10.2017
Axles for cars TE-ML 18 17.10.2017
Transfer and offset transmissions for commercial vehicles TE-ML 19 17.10.2017
Powershift transmissions, type EcoLife, for buses, trucks, special vehicles and stationary applications TE-ML 20 17.10.2017
Tractor axles, transmissions for harvesters and final drives TE-ML 21 17.10.2017
Stationary applications TE-ML 23 17.10.2017
Historical Manual Transmissions for Trucks and Passenger Cars TE-ML 24 17.10.2017
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