Clutchesfor Standard Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles

ConAct, dual-mass flywheel, or XTend: ZF Aftermarket is a worldwide market leader for clutches on the spare parts market.

Product information

SACHS clutches are manufactured according to the highest quality standards. Almost all major vehicle manufacturers use SACHS clutches in their volume production. The clutches ensure greater efficiency of power transmission over the entire service life. The aftermarket business also benefits from this quality.

ZF Aftermarket offers clutch parts for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, tractors, and buses: In addition to clutch cover, clutch disk, XTend, flywheel, and dual-mass flywheel (DMF), ZF Aftermarket also delivers clutch release systems. We also offer a broad range of torsional vibration dampers for construction machinery.

Moreover, the clutch parts are delivered as complete kits for easy service and thus include clutch cover, clutch disk, and clutch release bearing. We also offer DMF modules for a great number of vehicles; our customers are provided with complete packages consisting of the clutch kits and a suitable dual-mass flywheel.

Clutch product portfolio

You can find the complete ZF Aftermarket clutch product portfolio in the spare parts catalogs.

Remanufacturing of clutch components

ZF remanufactures 2 million passenger car and truck clutches every year.

In addition to new components, also clutch covers, clutch disks, clutch release bearings, CSC (concentric slave cylinders), and dual-mass flywheels are available as remanufactured versions. The components are remanufactured according to volume production standards at central remanufacturing locations and constitute an economically and ecologically beneficial alternative to new parts.

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