Checked & TestedWind test benches from ZF Aftermarket

ZF Test Systems offers test benches for nacelles, drivelines and other components for wind turbines as turnkey solutions with the CE mark. This reduces the safety risks and the need for expensive interfaces for the customer. These test benches, ranging from 0.5 MW to 18 MW, are used for research and development, volume production and servicing.

ZF Wind Power has long invested in innovative test infrastructures, simulation models and much more

Gearbox and bearing test benches

ZF Wind Power dynamic gearbox test bench

  • One of the largest test benches of this kind in the world
  • Testing output: 13.2 MW
  • Tests under representative load conditions
  • Rapid life testing for identification of potential technical risks
  • Increases gearbox reliability

ZF Wind Power dynamic bearing test bench

  • Testing of bearing behavior and load-bearing capacity of the bearing assembly
  • For bearings in actual size and arrangement
  • Realistic load and ambient conditions
  • Simulates real shaft and housing vibrations

DORoTe: unveiling the unexpected

ZF’s “Design Operational Robustness Test” – DORoTe – has been developed to assess the robustness of a new gearbox design.

  • Operating conditions specified by the customer
  • Ongoing development of the highly accelerated life test (HALT)
  • Also encompasses dynamic and unforeseen aspects during the operation of wind turbines

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