ZF-TESTMANFunctions in Detail

New functions of the current ZF-TESTMAN DPA06 hardware

Bluetooth interface between DPA06 and laptop enables easy and flexible work.

Integrated ZF measuring tool: Pressure and temperature measuring technology for checking hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

GTS – Guided Troubleshooting: GTS enables guided troubleshooting for mechanical components for the first time ever. GTS also contains guided instructions for maintenance tasks (e.g. how to change an oil filter on an AS Tronic2 transmission)

ZF-TESTMAN Functions

Reading and clearing the error memory (incl. troubleshooting instructions)

Reading out the product error memory provides unfiltered error information. The appropriate circuit diagrams and search guides are also linked to each error, so that the correct repair measures can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

Monitoring of statistical and dynamic measurement data

The monitoring function supplies both statistical and dynamic measurement data and enables error diagnosis under real conditions during travel. The obtained measurement data can be clearly interpreted and precise conclusions rendered with the help of clear graphics.

Operating data

The products not only save the error codes, but also information regarding application behavior and the transmission history. This information provides valuable indications for troubleshooting and optimization of the system.

Copying vehicle data

Vehicle-specific data can be copied and easily copied 1:1 onto the new control unit when the control unit is replaced. This eliminates additional costs of purchasing via third parties and gets vehicles quickly back onto the road.

Teaching in products

With ZF-TESTMAN, it is possible to teach in ZF products such as clutches or transmissions.

Configuration of vehicles

For changes to the vehicle, adjustments to the configuration are required (for example, transmission configuration after the installation of a stationary/nonstationary PTO). This configuration can be carried out without any problems with ZF-TESTMAN.

Technical documentation

ZF-TESTMAN contains all technical documentation about the maintenance and repairs of ZF products when installed.

Function locks

Should a product not perform as expected, this may be due to lacking preliminary conditions. It is possible to query those conditions that have not been met under function locks. This then determines whether incorrect performance is due to an application error or a defective component.

Additional features and special functions

Additional feature: GTS – Guided Troubleshooting

Guided troubleshooting (GTS) enables systematic troubleshooting for those products without diagnostic electronics. The steps conducted are additionally documented in a record.

Additional feature: ZF measuring tool

It is possible to record and display dynamic signal trends with the integrated ZF measuring tool and the optionally included sensors for pressure and temperature.

Special functions

There are special functions for some products supporting the analysis of complex systems. It is thus possible, for example, to check the functionality of the range selector or to find loose connections in wiring harnesses more easily.

Scope of supply

Hardware/interface module: DPA06; software DVD incl. licence for 1 year; connection cable set for transmission electronics; laptop connection cable. Various vehicle adaptors can be optionally included separately.

ZF-TESTMAN product details

Product information

ZF-TESTMAN is available in different editions. To get an optimized solution for the regarding application, you can choose between the following editions:

  • ZF-TESTMAN IAM edition (includes all currently available applications)
  • ZF-TESTMAN CV edition (includes all currently available truck / LCV applications)
  • ZF-TESTMAN PC edition (includes all currently available car applications)

Licensing model

All ZF-TESTMAN editions get delivered with a period of validitiy of one year. After puchasing and delivery this period can be extended easily online. By activating different periods of validity extensions an individual desired period of validity can be agreed upon.

You can find more information on the general terms and conditions for the license in the operating instruction of the ZF-TESTMAN (PDF, 5.4 MB)


  • ZF-TESTMAN IAM edition, ZF order number: 6008 208 450
  • ZF-TESTMAN CV Edition, ZF order numberr: 6008 208 650
  • ZF-TESTMAN PC Edition ZF order number: 6008 208 850

Sales and distribution solely by ZF service locations.

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