ZF Driveline and Chassis Technology for Rail Vehicles

ZF is recognized as an excellent and reliable partner for innovative driveline and chassis technology. Rail transport also benefits from this. Ever since its first "Rail Bus" project launched 90 years ago, ZF has been producing drive systems for the future of rail travel, capable of being integrated in existing systems. Because only innovations which make trains fast, safe, and comfortable motivate customers to travel in them. This is an obligation and a challenge at one and the same time.

ZF Technologie. Product Highlight

ZF EcoWorld

The newly designed six-speed powershift transmission, ZF EcoWorld, features an integrated reversing function and is used in DMUs (Diesel Multiple Units).

It enables an unrestricted towing and sailing function which can save an additional five percent in fuel depending on the route, engine type and load condition.

The transmission achieves maximum efficiency and is equipped with a powerful torque converter. All transmission functions are controlled by electronics fitted directly on the transmission (transmission control unit).

ZF EcoWorld can be used for new vehicles and for the field of repowering.

ZF Aluminum Crash Absorber

Increasing train speeds mean higher requirements for damping systems in rail vehicles. In close cooperation with its customers, ZF develops innovative, efficient concepts which are easier on both people and materials.

ZF is setting standards and offers perfectly tuned aluminum crash absorbers for use worldwide. The crash absorbers are highly efficient and generate a constant force level with very low weight.

ZF Crash Absorbers are also designed for use under different environmental conditions and when temperatures are fluctuating. They meet DIN EN 15227 requirements which apply to subway trains, light rail and regional city trains.

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