World’s First 9-Speed Automatic Transmission

Higher performance and lower fuel consumption – with the new 9HP for front-transverse engine arrangement, ZF shows that reconciliation of both requirements is possible.

Fuel-saving transmission innovation

ZF is the world's first transmission manufacturer to develop a sophisticated automatic passenger car transmission with nine gears. The high efficiency and the CO2 emission reduction coming along with it are outstanding: Compared to today's commonplace 6-speed automatic transmissions with front-transverse installation, fuel consumption is up to 16 percent lower when driving at a constant speed of 120 km/h.

The nine gears enable small gear steps for more ride comfort, and thanks to the high spacing, the engine always operates in the ideal speed range. Due to the brief response and shift times below the threshold of perception, the new 9-speed automatic transmission from ZF guarantees driving fun and dynamics – in subcompact cars as well as in compact SUVs. Shift points and shift dynamics can vary from being comfortable to extremely sporty.

Thanks to its modular principle, the basic transmission can be upgraded as required: Thus, different starting elements and four-wheel drive applications can also be implemented cost-efficiently given the restricted installation space conditions with front-transverse passenger cars. Moreover, the standard 9HP is start-stop capable.

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