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Child Road Safety Education

Road traffic injury has been listed by the United Nations as one of the major public health issues, which can be easily overlooked and is increasingly serious. It causes huge economic and social losses. With the rapid development of China's economy, road traffic safety situation is also very severe. As a global leader in driveline and chassis technology as well as active and passive safety technology, ZF has taken an active part in a variety of public projects as well as safety education activities worldwide for a long time, with the responsibility of promoting the dissemination of road safety information.

The Child Road Safety Campaign in China is a chosen sustainability project by ZF. Since 2008, the project was launched on the promotion of vehicle and road safety education among teenagers. By far, about 60 road safety public benefit activities in kindergartens and primary schools have been held all over China. Through visual, auditory and tactual experiences and lively activities, they deepened children's impression and conception of safe driving. In view of the learning characteristics of children, the activity also created a lovely and amiable cartoon image "Safety Bunny" and multi-media teaching materials, thus making the safety education more interesting and easily accepted.

In each campaign, the responsible team made elaborate plans, not only explaining knowledge on vehicle safety in simple language, but also stimulating children's enthusiasm for studying through various games. Meanwhile, supplemented by songs and videos of "Safety Bunny" and Q&A session, the lecture attracted students to learn basic safety skills and precautions related to passenger car safety, walking safety and traffic signs. Besides, team members prepared books, stickers, "Safety Bunny" soft toys and T-shirts along with USB sticks containing a specially produced safety video to help children consolidate the knowledge learned that day.

List of Campaigns

Activities in 2013
Apr, 2013 Shanghai Jiading District Experimental Primary School
Dec, 2013 Shanghai Penglai Kindergarten
Activities in 2014
May, 2014 Shanghai Jiading District Experimental Primary School
Jun, 2014 Shanghai Penglai Kindergarten
Sep, 2014 Hubei provincial authorities second Kindergarten
Activities in 2015
May. 2015 Changchun Normal College Primary School
June, 2015 Shanghai PengLai Kindergarten;
Qingdao YinHai Kindergarten
Oct, 2015 Wuhan ShenLong Kindergarten
Nov, 2015 Shanghai YunTai Kindergarten
Dec, 2015 Foshan BaoAn Primary School
Activities in 2016
Apr, 2016 Wuhan ShenLong Kindergarten
May, 2016 Shanghai ChenZhong Primary School
Jun, 2016 Shanghai Xuhui Technology Kindergarten; Xi'An Golden Bassinet Kindergarten
Sep, 2016 Shanghai YunTai Kindergarten
Oct, 2016 Qingdao YinHai Kindergarten
Nov, 2016 Foshan NanBian Primary School

Cooperation with Universities

Cooperation with renowned university is part of the young talent promotion program. ZF has a good relationship with many technology universities, such as Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University and University of Shanghai for Science and technology and so on, and recruits graduates from the universities every year. To intensify the R&D cooperation between university and company, ZF also finances the endowed chairs at the CDHK of Tongji University. Additionally, ZF sponsors 4 Formula Student Racing Teams at Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University and Tsinghua University.