A Glance at 2025

The Group strategy is the framework

ZF is staying its course. The company has set important milestones that follow a detailed plan, namely the ZF 2025 Strategy. Since 2013, the company has consistently realized this strategy and is thus ensuring its future.

Already the decision made in 2014 to acquire the U.S. company TRW Automotive was part of ZF’s future strategy. Its targets include, among others, balanced market penetration, innovation and cost leadership as well as a broad product portfolio. Since adopting the ZF 2025 Strategy, it has been the guiding light for all decisions the Group has made and actions it has taken. One important milestone achieved as we implement the ZF 2025 Strategy was the establishment of the ZF and TRW aftermarket organization last year, turning it into the world’s second largest of its kind. This joint organization has also created important synergies for the future success of ZF. New and dynamic elements have also resulted from the Group strategy. Different innovation labs throughout the Group are busy developing new technologies, exploring new product ideas and experimenting with new working methods. To support these efforts, ZF also founded a venture capital company called Zukunft Ventures GmbH in 2016. Its purpose is to invest in the power of technological innovation found in start-up or other companies working in fields relevant for ZF. The Group is gaining additional necessary expertise by entering into joint ventures and cooperative agreements with other companies. By creating the new position of Chief Digital Officer, ZF will be able to better fulfill the role of driver in an increasingly connected world of mobility.

Today Twice as powerful

Synergizing Competencies

Acquisition of TRW and successful integration in the ZF Group.

More Dynamic Service Support

Creating a joint aftermarket organization.

Profiting from a Higher Purchasing Volume

Combined purchasing organization of ZF and ZF TRW.

Tomorrow Even stronger

New partners secure success

ZF Zukunft Ventures GmbH coordinates joint ventures and cooperative agreements.

Systematic Approach to Generating New Ideas

Different ZF innovation labs ensure even more innovative power.

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