ZF Official Wechat Account and Mini-site Formally Launched

To integrate the resources of ZF group and more comprehensively and professionally exhibit the brand image, ZF (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (ZFCN) has launched "ZF WeChat Official Account".

Besides regular pushes on a weekly basis, it has also launched its WeChat platform-based Mini-site, which consists of three major units, i.e., brand center, interaction center and service center. The brand center covers ZF's history, its development in China, its trend and its latest technology; the interaction center is closely related to market activities throughout the year, and your technical questions can be also answered here by our experts; the service center provides the basic information of all of ZF's entities in China, creates a more convenient recruiting channel for job seekers, and offers an online channel for media to reserve interviews.

The new WeChat account "ZF Official Wechat Account" offers reader-friendly experience for users by its concise and elegant design, showcases ZF's innovation and new technology and brand strength via rich and diversified contents, strengthens the interactions with WeChat users, and improves the engagement and popularity of ZF on social media platforms.

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