Steering and Suspension Parts Greater Safety Thanks to Cutting Edge Technology

Steering and suspension components are safety parts that are subjected to special care in design, manufacturing, and assembly phases because they have to offer the best possible safety conditions in all driving situations. Up to 70 components can be installed in one single car.

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LEMFÖRDER tie rod end

ZF Aftermarket provides linkage parts such as suspension joints, control arms, tie-rods, and stabilizer links along with necessary service information to the independent aftermarket. Almost all automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers worldwide trust in these steering and suspension parts.

Even rubber-to-metal components that are used on all vibration-critical points in driveline and chassis are included in the range of ZF Aftermarket: suspension strut mounts, engine and transmission mounts, or mounts for control arms which allow for the desired driving precision, vibration damping, and noise insulation.

Brake disc The safety guarantee for steering and suspension system


As one of the most important safety parts of vehicle system, it's very important to use the correct brake disc.

A series of high standard design requirements including anti-friction material of high stablity and Geomat coating are used on Lemförder Brake Disc, which ensure the following advantages and reduce the potential risks of braking system to the minimum level:

  • Thermal recession resistant
  • Prevent thermal crack effectively
  • Geomat coating provides excellent antirust performance during its lifetime which keeps your brake disc clean and lustrous
  • Geomat coating helps to ease the cleaning procedure before the installation of brake disc
  • The amazing high temperature resistance of the Geomat coating was ensured by its own drying process over 300℃.

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