Electric cars, autonomous driving, car sharing and connected services are mega trends of future mobility. In a world of increasingly driverless cars seamless, secure and autonomous transactions, i.e. payments, will be a necessity for future business. Only if a car can pay for services autonomously, it is autonomous. The Car eWallet platform developed by ZF in cooperation with UBS enables your company to take the leap into the future of mobility.

Example Use Cases


Cars can pay for charging their electric batteries autonomously and directly without the need for human interaction. The capability to process micro-payments on the go also enables innovative forms of energy supply including inductive charging while waiting at a red light. This turns ‘charge on the go’ into an attractive business case for power suppliers.


This technology can also support various other applications: For example, the Car eWallet user can enable the trunk of his or her parked car to open if a specific barcode ID is scanned, like on a package. It will allow packages to be delivered directly to a vehicle and placed in the trunk, while still protecting the vehicle from unauthorized access.


The digital eWallet allows to accept payments just like a real wallet. It is also possible to authorize vehicle access for third parties. Instead of standing uselessly in a parking lot, the Car eWallet can make cars available for use to car-sharing portals and collect fees from the temporary users.



The Car eWallet is based on the so-called Blockchain technology. It allows different business transactions to be performed almost in real-time without a central instance or trusted third party.

Instead, a cryptographically secure record of all transactions on the basis of smart contracts is stored as a chain of data blocks on many computers and balanced out by a corresponding list generated by all participants.

Because the system distributes ledgers in a decentralized way to be authorized by consensus of the majority of user accounts, the system is considered very secure - once recorded, the data in a block cannot be altered retroactively.


Together with UBS, a strong consortium backs the project. It is able to provide every part of the value chain on technological and business levels. Hence, the implementation of the mobile wallet will be of highest reliability and stability, providing a strong foundation for a prosperous future.

"With the increasing individualization of mobility the Car eWallet will become an essential service enabler for autonomous cars and fleets.” Alexander Graf, Head of IoT Lab at ZF, summarizes the opportunities of Car eWallet.

Take the chance to shape the platform with your use cases. Make Car eWallet your enabler of the future!


Are you using smart mobility services? Would you make use of an automatic payment system? In order to better understand how people move today and what they expect from a mobile life in the future ZF carried out an online survey. This white paper is to present the main results.

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What is Car eWallet?

The Car eWallet is a platform that allows the car to process transactions autonomously and in real-time via the Blockchain.

What for do I need Car eWallet?

To process autonomous transactions for mobility services such as tolls, parking, energy charging and potential future use cases.

Which business cases work with your Car eWallet?

Any you could imagine. We are, however, focusing on mobility services around automobiles. So, if you think your service is a match, drop us a line.

What are the cost of a Car eWallet enabled business?

It depends. The Car eWallet system is based on micro transactions that generate micro fees. The market offering and commercial specifications, however, will be worked out after a proof-of-concept.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain technology can be defined as an online protocol that processes transactions on the basis of smart contracts in a decentralized system of distributed ledgers to reach consensus and create trust.

How does the payment work? Do I have to press something or does it work automatically?

It can be both, fully automated or manual. Transactions that are fully autonomous require approval by the user though.

What makes the Car eWallet a platform to trust?

The Car eWallet is set up by a strong partnership of ZF and UBS with complementing strength and expertise. Known for its innovative and stable automotive expertise, ZF is capable to provide the required blockchain technology, whereas UBS adds valuable knowledge in the banking and mobility sector.

I am interested in further talks. What do I have to do?

We are excited to explore how Car eWallet can bring your service to the next level. Just drop us a line and we will get back to you.