Able to Handle any Payload and Route:SACHS Shock Absorbers for Light Commercial Vehicles.

SACHS shock absorbers ensure optimal cornering behavior and road grip. This is particularly important for commercially used transport vehicles that take the strain of long and demanding routes day after day – and of high payload too. In this context, SACHS shock absorbers in original equipment quality provide the driver with the highest level of safety and superb comfort.

SACHS shock absorbers and suspension struts for light commercial vehicles

SACHS shock absorbers for light commercial vehicles

In addition to conventional shock absorbers, the SACHS product range also includes suspension struts for light commercial vehicles. The function and the internal components of the suspension strut are largely identical to those of a twin-tube damper. Together with the control arms, they are in charge of wheel guidance as well as the transfer of steering motion to the wheel. Furthermore, they dampen lateral forces that occur especially when braking, accelerating, and cornering.

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