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Questions about the ZF Services portfolio

Questions about the SACHS brand

Which products are sold under the SACHS brand?

Under the SACHS brand, ZF Aftermarket offers high-quality clutches, shocks and dampers, and complementary products for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

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How long has the SACHS brand existed?

The SACHS brand has a long tradition. In 1894, the toolmaker and later name-giver Ernst Sachs filed his first bicycle wheel hub patent application. One year later, he founded the "Schweinfurter Präzisions-Kugellager-Werke Fichtel & Sachs" (precision ball bearing production plant) together with Karl Fichtel, a merchant and financier. From then on, one success followed the other. In 1937, the legendary Mercedes "Silver Arrows" triumphed with shocks and dampers and clutches from SACHS. Ernst Sachs' stated aim of using his pioneering spirit and ingenuity to secure and maintain a strong technological edge over his competitors is still reflected in today's brand philosophy. On this basis, the SACHS brand has been achieving continuous growth to the present day. Today, SACHS worldwide stands for top quality made in Germany.

What does OE quality mean?

Numerous renowned automotive manufacturers rely on SACHS quality. Every year, more than 10 million new vehicles equipped with SACHS products roll off the production line. SACHS spare parts offer the same quality as parts for volume production. In the event of replacement, they ensure the same comfort and safety as in the new vehicle.

Does ZF Aftermarket offer products for Asian vehicle models?

Yes, more than 38 million Asian vehicles in Europe can be equipped with accurately fitting shocks and dampers made by SACHS.

Do SACHS products also exist for tuning vehicles?

Yes, ZF Race Engineering GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of ZF, manufactures high-quality coilover suspensions and clutches for motorsports and tuning vehicles under the SACHS Performance brand.

Do SACHS engines exist?

No, the SACHS brand offers clutches, shocks and dampers, and complementary products for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Are bicycle wheel hubs part of the SACHS product range?

The brand's name-giver Ernst Sachs filed a bicycle wheel hub patent application in 1894. Today, ZF Friedrichshafen AG does not produce bicycle wheel hubs anymore.

Does Fichtel & Sachs still offer central locking systems, Saxomat, Stamo, camshaft drive chains, the Filtron 3000 water purifier, and gas springs?

The Fichtel & Sachs company, later renamed ZF SACHS AG, was merged with ZF Friedrichshafen AG. ZF Aftermarket does not offer the aforementioned products in the SACHS portfolio anymore.

Can I purchase SACHS torque converters in the aftermarket?

No. SACHS provides high-quality torque converters for volume production which are, however, not offered for the spare parts market.

Who can I contact about a warranty case for SACHS volume production components?

Please contact the vehicle manufacturer. ZF Services only processes warranty cases for parts that were purchased in the independent spare parts market.

Do you provide technical information on SACHS components?

For technical information on spare parts of the SACHS brand, please go to service information.

Where can I find a detailed overview of all SACHS products?

All SACHS products can be found in the WebCat online catalog under:

As vehicle owner, can I perform the clutch or shocks and damper replacement with SACHS products by myself?

SACHS clutches and shocks and dampers should only be installed by experts. We recommend our ZF Services ProTech workshops that have been specially trained in the handling of SACHS products. Visit www.zf.com/servicenetwork under "Repair Service" to find out where your nearest ProTech workshop is!

Does SACHS offer its own workshop concept?

The OSS (Original SACHS Service) workshop concept has been replaced by the ZF Services [pro]Tech workshop concept in certain regions, which offers significant advantages over its predecessor.

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Where can I buy SACHS products?

SACHS products can be purchased via the global dealer network of ZF Services.

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Does SACHS also offer vacancies?

SACHS does not offer vacancies as it is a product brand of ZF Friedrichshafen AG. Current vacancies at ZF Friedrichshafen AG can be found on the career pages of the ZF website.

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