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There are many reasons to choose OPENMATICS! ZF is one of the leading companies in the world of automotive supplier rankings and it maintains and expands established markets. The core of the company is formed by consistent focus on customer benefits. It is with this tradition that OPENMATICS enters the telematics market.

The telematics' advantages for:

Fleet owners:

  • You can continually adapt your telematics portfolio to current circumstances and integrate hardware that is already available. The app concept and the openness of the platform provide maximum flexibility so the platform can grow with your company.
  • You can use OPENMATICS in mixed fleets. The system is manufacturer-independent and fits each of your vehicles.
  • You have access to your data at any time. The portal is web-based. You need no additional software.
  • You have an overview of your operations at all times. The apps prepare the information important to your company in an easily manageable way.

Fleet managers:

  • You improve your business processes, increase efficiency, and optimize utilization. Apps like Vehicles Overview, Work Advanced, or Order Fulfillment Basic provide transparency and improve communication. Every employee has the right information at the right time.
  • You reduce your vehicle’s fuel and wear costs. Apps like Driver Feedback or Gentle Driver Truck are the basis of a fair bonus system and motivate your drivers to drive in a way that saves resources.
  • You optimize maintenance planning. Various diagnostics apps help you keep an eye on vehicle wear and gather basic data for further analyses of vehicle cost-effectiveness.


  • You are freed from routine tasks and can direct the deployment of drivers effectively and, depending on the app selection, with legal certainty. The DigiTacho Download and DigiTacho D8-Info apps gather and transfer driving times, work times, and rest times of drivers fully automatically.
  • You communicate quickly and clearly with vehicles on the road. The Order Fulfillment Basic and Vehicles Overview apps help prevent communication errors and increase the efficiency of the driver/dispatcher team.
  • You always have an overview of the current vehicle location and status of orders. With the Vehicles Overview and Area Monitoring apps you can track movements and are alerted proactively of irregularities and discrepancies.


  • You save bureaucratic effort. Status report and tachograph data are sent to headquarters automatically via Order Fulfillment Basic and DigiTacho Download.
  • You get to your destination without stress or detours. The Truck Navigation app plans the route, taking information about vehicle dimensions, weight, the hazardous materials class and environmental zones into account.
  • You always know what needs to be done because orders, route changes, and destinations are entered digitally and directly with the Order Fulfillment Basic and Truck Navigation apps.
  • You can concentrate on driving. The OPENMATICS display in the vehicle is easy to understand and operate.

Customer relationships:

  • You increase your competitiveness because business processes that run smoothly help you provide fast, flexible and on-time transportation services.
  • You improve the documentation of the freight; that strengthens your negotiating position with the customer.
  • You offer transparency: your customers receive comprehensive, precise, and current information on all orders in progress.

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