Onboard Unit BachDeveloped for high performance in your vehicles.

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Benefits of Bach

  • A hybrid system, Bach has three independent processors, one CPU and two MCUs. That increases failure safety and flexibility of use and reduces energy consumption.

  • The “always on” status of one of the MCUs ensures continuous monitoring of important vehicle parameters, such as the fuel level, even when the motor is off. The entire onboard unit activates when needed.

  • Bach can read, store, and transmit data both from wireless (ISM, Bluetooth, BLE) and wired (1-wire) sensors.

  • Thanks to a series of integrated sensors, Bach makes it possible to display a complete vehicle motion model and thus supports GPS.

  • Bach works with a GPS module that is supported by all current navigation satellite systems and is prepared for future ones.

  • Bach’s basic software is based on Linux, which supports the Openmatics SDK model.

Bach OS: Partitur

The new operating system for our new onboard unit Bach Partitur is a Linux based system. The system’s Linux kernel allows for the system's scalability and ensures a substantial stability of the system as it was developed by community based evolution mechanisms and is one of the most reliable and best performing kernels available today. The use of the fully equipped Linux OS enables a faster and more secure firmware feature development. The system enables a wide user base as it is not only a proprietary solution.

Here you can download a flyer about our hardware.

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