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OPENMATICS is a platform open to good ideas. Whether component manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers, insurance companies or publishing houses – everyone can become a third-party provider, develop apps and display them in the shop – even the users themselves if they have telematics ideas for their fleets or other fleets. The variety of different apps on one plattform allows end users to individually arrange an app portfolio to best fit his/her individual needs.

Safety & Security

Safety first

We currently have an app in this category which we use to monitor the safety of drivers and passengers. The app tracks and monitors the driving and resting periods of individual drivers. The fleet manager can easily read the data listed for each individual driver in a table.

Fleet Management

Best tool for fleet managers

The apps in this category provide the manager with a complete overview of the fleet. He knows when the vehicles are driven out of the depot and when they are returned. He has an overview of the current position and the complete history of the vehicles. The onboard unit also enables the automatic downloading of data from the digital tachograph.
The Order+ app also serves as a complex order management tool with an interface to TMS systems. It enables simple communication with drivers via their tablets and reduces communication costs

Engineering & Diagnostics

Get all data from your vehicles

This category of apps means that going to each vehicle in turn to connect equipment is no longer necessary - all error messages can be read and processed wirelessly via remote diagnosis. The fleet manager then has an overview of all vehicles, including their complete history. The Data Logger app can also be useful, e.g. for OEMs, as it continuously records all CAN signals. Thanks to the Predictive Diagnostics app, malfunctions can also be rectified, thus preventing damage.

Entertainment & Info

All for your passengers

This app category offers unlimited wireless entertainment and information when taking a bus trip.On the one hand, passengers can watch multi-media content such as films on their own cell phones and tablets. On the other hand, the bus company operator can send passengers questionnaires querying their satisfaction regarding the bus trip and ask them for improvement suggestions.

Eco & Savings

Improve the driving style

Economic vehicle handling is supported and recorded via the apps in this category. A driver feedback system flags undesirable driving styles. This encourages drivers to drive more carefully and economically. At the same time, the fleet manager receives regular reports about employee driving styles and about the fuel consumption and emissions output by the vehicles. This app category therefore promotes vehicle handling optimization and subsequently fuel consumption.

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