One universal system for all applications

Not only truck or bus fleet operators should be able to use OPENMATICS' telematics services. Step by step, the system and apps are being adapted and adjusted to other industries and end users. This makes OPENMATICS a platform for practically any market segment.


Fleet operators in particular enjoy several OPENMATICS' advantages: Early malfunction detection, prevention of breakdowns and unnecessary follow-up costs, optimized vehicle use in regard to cost and safety – these are just a few of the arguments in favour of OPENMATICS. Thanks to the apps planned for transmissions and drivetrains, the data are captured, calculated and evaluated. This guarantees fast diagnosis and visualization of problems.

Truck drivers can also benefit from OPENMATICS. It offers them a broad range of services that include entertainment, information on toll systems or customs inspections, as well as map functions.


The system also benefits larger transportation services. The system platform is geared for all present and many future telematics services for city buses. For instance, this includes malfunction notifications for better safety, or monitoring of expected arrival times. Completely new fields of application are also conceivable, such as site-specific insertion of advertising, news or entertainment.

Other industries and end users

Variety of industries as well as end users benefit from the OPENMATICS web portal. As well as applications for trucks and buses, in the future the platform will have apps for work machines, passenger cars, stationary systems and many other applications. In addition to drivers, passengers and families, others can take advantage of the system, for example: insurers, multimedia companies orservice providers.

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