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What is telematics?

The word “telematics” is a blend of the words “telecommunication” and “informatics” and is a technical term for the interplay of communication networks and information technology.

In a traffic and transportation context, telematics means the integration of IT and communications technology systems and components into a system or product. Here, telecommunication refers to the transfer of critical data by GSM, GPRS, UMTS, WLAN, WiMax, or satellite. It supports data capture and processing and presents the data to the user in a suitable form. Nowadays, information is transferred from and to vehicles for many purposes – orientation, toll calculation, and much more. The OPENMATICS platform provides a basis for such interplay and communication of components.


OPENMATICS is the open, flexible, and independent telematics platform.

OPENMATICS is a flexible, open telematics platform for vehicle applications. Openmatics s.r.o. was founded in Pilsen, Czech Republic in 2010, with the goal of developing and operating the platform, which is independent of vehicle and component suppliers.

How does OPENMATICS work?

The system consists of four core components: an onboard unit in every vehicle; a web portal for displaying data and managing drivers, vehicles, and apps, which can be used on any internet-enabled computer, smartphone, or tablet; telematics applications from various vendors, designed with a uniform app architecture; and a shop offering these apps. You pay a basic monthly fee for use of the system and basic functions. You can subscribe to any other apps or cancel your subscriptions via the shop.

What makes OPENMATICS unique among telematics providers?

OPENMATICS is a unique telematics provider because it is flexible and independent, provides an open system through the use of apps, and has strong partners with expertise and tradition.

Flexibility and Independence

OPENMATICS is flexible and can therefore be expanded as required by users, partners, end customers, and third parties. Anyone involved can develop their own new applications and can thus integrate their own expectations and expertise. OPENMATICS can recombine a wide array of data to generate new analyses and expand the platform’s coverage.

OPENMATICS is independent. Since it is not dependent on the particular industry or on vehicle or component producers, OPENMATICS can be universally deployed. The system can be used not only in city buses from any manufacturer, but also in trucks, construction site vehicles, and stationary systems, and for many other applications. This makes OPENMATICS a platform for practically any market segment.

Open System through the Use of Apps

A wide variety of solutions come in the form of apps on a single platform. This offers you the unique ability to assemble portfolios as you wish, based on your own ideas. The system is open, which means that it can be expanded by new apps and thus extended with new functionalities. The system offers the possibility for anyone to program their own apps and is open to third-party app developers and development expertise.

Strong Partners

With its driveline expertise, ZF can prepare optimal data and evaluate information. ZF has significant experience with networking various driveline components and therefore has the expertise necessary for interpreting the data that are collected in the vehicle correctly and profitably. Its many years of experience and its knowledge of driveline technology make ZF a competent partner for diagnosing driveline components, handling, and safety.

The success of OPENMATICS and the attractiveness of the platform also depend to a large extent on our partners. Our app partners provide us with valuable expert know-how in app development. Here you will find a current overview of all the companies which we already cooperate with.

App Partners

Product Partners

How can I save money with OPENMATICS?

You can save money with OPENMATICS by using our system with its variety of apps.

Check out our App Use Cases to find out how you can save more with OPENMATICS apps, or try out our return on investment (ROI) calculator and see how much you can save with the help of OPENMATICS.

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Which apps are currently available?

A description of all apps released is available in the OPENMATICS app shop ( in both English and German. In addition, you can view applications’ advantages, benefits for users, and screenshots of apps.

What is the OPENMATICS app shop?

The OPENMATICS app shop is a digital distribution platform for applications. Anyone can browse the catalogue and look for specific apps and newly added apps. In the app shop we provide a description and preview of each app, which helps you decide exactly what to buy. You can then purchase the applications and download them right from the shop. They can be paid for on a one-time or monthly basis.

App shop

What is the OPENMATICS portal and the platform?

The OPENMATICS web portal is an interface for registered users, running on central servers. Authorized users connect a web-enabled end-device of their choice to the web portal via a standard browser to access the telematics data or apps.

Apart from the portal itself, the term "platform" contains many other functions and services including, for example, the OWI (OPENMATICS Webservice Interface) interface.

The OPENMATICS architecture ensures safe data storage for increased data security, availability, and back-up efficiency.

What is the OPENMATICS open telematics platform?

In a broad sense, a telematics platform is a basis for the interplay of communication and information technology. More specifically, an open platform is a software system based on open standards, for example published, fully documented external application programming interfaces (API) which make it possible to add software functions without further modification of the source code. Using these interfaces, third-party developers can add and integrate new functionalities and expand the platform. The OPENMATICS platform thus has many software components, which cooperate to create superior service.

Who can develop apps? How does it work?

Anyone can implement their own ideas for software apps, develop them, and offer them for sale through the OPENMATICS app shop. For this purpose, open Application Programming Interfaces (API) and a Software Development Kit (SDK) are available for download.

App Developers

What is the business dimension of the third-party app development?

Developers who offer their own programmed apps for sale in the shop get a share of the apps’ revenues. This gives independent software providers and developers a new way to generate income. Various models for revenue sharing between the developers and OPENMATICS can be considered; an example would be a standard 70/30 business model arrangement. However, in special cases exceptions to the model are possible.

Who are the partners working with OPENMATICS?

Both the success of OPENMATICS and the attractiveness of the platform to customers also depend to a large extent on our partners and their ideas and apps. Our app partners provide us with valuable expert know-how in app development.

ZF contributes its expertise in vehicle driveline, components, and the networking among components to the web portal and business applications. ZF’s access to the vehicle, industrial, and energy markets and to special drive technology allows for quick entry into the market and a high level of distribution.

OPENMATICS has thus created a hardware and software platform that is available for telematics of any kind.

Here you will find a current overview of all the companies which we already cooperate with.

App Partners

Product Partners

Why cooperate with OPENMATICS?

The OPENMATICS app concept and the openness and independence of the platform offer many benefits. You can cooperate with OPENMATICS as an app partner, development partner, or sales partner.

App and Development Partners

As an app and development partner you can get global marketing and promotion for your apps and also use our shop and ZF’s sales and service network. You can focus on your core competence and develop apps without having to care about the infrastructure. You can sell your apps in our shop for your suggested retail price and will receive 70% of the proceeds.

You get customer support for your apps and can use first and second level user support from OPENMATICS and ZF’s 650 worldwide service partners. You also get access to new customer groups and markets, and you can offer your software products through new channels and benefit from ZF’s brand name recognition and market access.

Development Partners’ Benefits

App Partners

Sales partners

As a sales partner you have a great opportunity to grow with the success of OPENMATICS. Sell innovative products with great Unique Selling Propositions. Click below to learn more.

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