Membership in associations provides us with great networking opportunities with potential partners and customers. Additionally, this environment enables the information and know-how exchange regarding latest trends in research and technology.

Automotive Industry Association

The AIA is an interest industrial grouping of the manufacturing, commercial, and other companies which make up the Czech automotive and allied industries. AIA was established on June 27, 1989, with 17 founder member companies who were signatories to the agreement setting up the Association. Today AIA covers almost the whole automotive sector with 145 members in the Czech Republic. The Slovak AIA is also a joint member of the Czech AIA.


The “Gesellschaft für Verkehrsbetriebswirtschaft und Logistik” was founded in 1972 in Frankfurt a.M. with the goal to assist logistics service providers and their business partners in managing their everyday challenges through problem-oriented research and by promoting constructive dialogue between science and praxis.

Intelligent Transport Systems & Services of the Czech Republic and Slovakia

The ITS&S is an association of companies, institutions, and universities from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, that deal with using information, communication technologies, and services (ITS) in the transportation sector and other utilities. The association’s mission is strategic marketing and product development, international cooperation, assistance to Eastern European ITS initiatives, education and training of ITS professionals and users, coordination of members’ projects, and ITS projects support via working groups.

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