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As an independent platform, OPENMATICS is open to your ideas. Anyone can develop their own apps in order to satisfy their own needs or those of their customers.

The final SDK (Software Development Kit) is ready for you. Don’t miss the possibility to program your own apps and offer them on the OPENMATICS platform. You decide whether your apps will be used only for your own purposes or whether they will be generally available in the shop for sale to public/customers.

As an app developer, you can implement your ideas with OPENMATICS immediately.

Do you have great ideas, know-how for good applications and interest to provide apps for OPENMATICS, but no developers to realize them?

Don’t worry and contact us! We can introduce you to our partners, who could realize your ideas.

Do you have great developers, an interest to develop apps for OPENMATICS and are looking for good ideas and projects to realize?

Don’t worry and contact us! We can introduce you to our partners, who are looking for developers who can realize their ideas.

How it works:

1. You register as an app developer and download the SDK package from the OPENMATICS Development Portal (

2. You develop an app, provide a description of its functionality, a price proposal, an icon, ... . Detailed instructions and a template will be available for you at the development portal. The template is to be filled out and submitted to OPENMATICS together with the app.

3. The app is tested and certified by OPENMATICS or an independent entity.

4. According to your preferences the app is placed in the shop or made available only to you. When the app is released in the shop, every customer can download it.

5. You receive 70% of the generated income. OPENMATICS will retain 30% (for testing and certification, marketing, app management, etc).

Register right away and find out all the details.

Development - Business Model

Don’t wait and get in touch with us! We will provide you with all the necessary information.

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