Leading thoughts

With flexible, technically innovative products, OPENMATICS is committed to the information megatrend.

Our vision

We raise our customers' enthusiasm with a special experience, namely our flexible, innovative, and modern platform. As a future-oriented and dynamic company, we continuously recognize new trends and establish ourselves on the market correspondingly.

Our mission

We transform ICT into value for customers through:

  • - Stable platform, quality and flexible onboard unit
  • - Applications targeting our customers´ needs
  • - Integrated and lean processes

We rely on our people's expertise and industry knowledge, completed by that of ZF and partners.

We would like to establish OPENMATICS as the leading platform for telematics and other services on the world market. We want to achieve this through the:

  • professional development of profitable innovations
  • optimal fulfillment of customer expectations
  • trusting cooperation with all business partners
  • respectful dealings with our employees
  • ecological sustainable action-taking

Our strategy

  • With our open, technologically innovative products, we trust in the information megatrend.
  • Thanks to the integration capacities of many proprietary systems, we attain a high level of customer acceptance and market attractiveness.
  • By means of intensive communication politics, we will enable our product to reach a high awareness and brand value level with our target groups.
  • Starting with the serving of the main markets as well as the B2B markets, it is our professed objective to expand into all international markets in the future, and to attain a high level of market penetration.
  • In addition, thanks to the development of end customer apps, we strive for entering the B2C business.
  • The straightforward sale of our products via the online platform as well as its respective openness warrant an excellent distribution approach.
  • Moreover, flexible and dynamic business processes enable us to swiftly respond to the latest innovative technologies, trends, and the high market dynamics.
  • Thanks to the open platform, the high driveline/powertrain know-how level, and the cooperation with strong, competent partners, we clearly differentiate ourselves from competition.
  • As a result of our innovative business model and a solid financial basis, we are able to offer our services for a highly attractive price.