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Consequences of defective steering parts and chassis components

The cornering behavior is unsteady: The vehicle is unstable or even tends to skid or break away.

Parts for the steering system and the chassis – such as control arms, levers, struts, tie rods, supports, suspension joints, etc. – hold and guide the wheels of your vehicle.

Possible damage to the steering system or the chassis can already be noticed when driving the vehicle and is therefore particularly dangerous. Moreover, they cause high costs – also as a result of consequential damage to other vehicle components. In case of doubt, a closer inspection is always advisable.

The correct choice of spare part

Safety through LEMFÖRDER spare parts

If replacement is necessary, you are on the safe side with LEMFÖRDER steering parts and chassis components. We guarantee:

  • High-quality materials down to the finest detail
  • Permanent safety checks during development and production
  • Maximum durability meaning that you will ultimately make savings

This is one of the main reasons that the LEMFÖRDER brand enjoys the trust of the majority of car manufacturers.

Further Useful Tips

The correct choice of workshop

As a manufacturer of OE parts for the spare parts market, we are in close contact with the workshops that service or replace our parts. We offer open access to our long-standing know-how and provide support with installation notes, installation hotlines, mechanic training sessions, etc. With a Germany-wide service network for the fast, inexpensive repair of transmissions, axles, and steering systems, we also ensure that you, as a customer, remain on the move, irrespective of whether you're driving a passenger car or commercial vehicle.

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