Legal Liability for Spare PartsWho is liable for defective products?

Claim for damages against the workshop

Spare parts on the Internet are cheap. Who cares where they come from?

The workshop should care. If it installs a spare part, it must ensure that the installed part is flawless, even if the customer brings it themselves. If this part turns out to be defective or even causes an accident, the workshop may have to assume liability in certain circumstances: For instance, if the spare part comes from an unverifiable source, if it is not possible to determine the manufacturer or the suppliers, or if the part was purchased from outside the European Union. In such a case, the product liability law will consider the workshop to be the manufacturer. This is a serious risk for the workshop, especially when dealing with safety parts.

Our recommendation: Only use branded spare parts from a reliable source as the manufacturer is, of course, liable in this case.

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